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Continuous Monitoring, Real-Time Decisions

OptiEnz® Sensors drastically reduces the time required to obtain measurements of water quality – process operators no longer need to “fly blind.” Traditional testing involves collecting samples for analysis at an analytical laboratory. OptiEnz Sensors performs measurements precisely at the source — in a pipe, a water treatment facility, a tank, a vessel, or a bioreactor — where it should be measured.

By providing sensors that continuously monitor the concentration of organic chemicals in water and aqueous solutions, OptiEnz reduces cost and increases efficiency of manufacturing processes involving water in industries including biopharmaceutical development, oil and gas waste water treatment, biofuel production, beverage production, and groundwater monitoring for environmental applications.


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Environmental Groundwater Monitoring

Site remediation using continuous monitoring to ensure the removal of contaminants in groundwater.


Industrial Biotech Fermenation

Safe and effective drug development with on-line continuous monitoring of biopharmaceutical cultivations.


Juice Production

High quality beverage production with on-line continuous monitoring of organic compounds.

 Oil and Gas


Continuous monitoring of contaminants to ensure the effective treatment of waste water from fracking operations.

OptiEnz Sensors has developed innovative, breakthrough products for continuously monitoring organic chemical concentrations in water and aqueous solutions, including sugars, alcohols, hydrocarbons, and solvents. The OptiEnz sensing system is easy to use and provides accurate results at a fraction of laboratory analysis costs — no pretreatment, expensive equipment, or skilled labor required — and the results are immediate and continuous.

The OptiEnz Sensing System

OptiEnz Viewer


A Windows PC-based graphical user interface displays continuous concentration data for up to six sensor probes.

Optical Transceiver


An optical transmitter and receiver measures the output of the sensor probe and provides continuous concentration data via a USB, 0-5V, or 4-20mA interface.

Sensor Probe


A sensor probe with an optical enzymatic sensor tip provides continuous monitoring of the concentration of organic chemicals in water or aqueous solutions.

In-line Monitoring


A sensor probe mounted directly at the source – in a vessel, reactor, or pipe – provides continuous concentration data for the organic chemical to be measured.

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