The OptiEnz sensing system provides in-place, quantitative, continuous real-time measurements without sample pretreatment. The product consists of an optical transciever connected to quick-connect consumable sensor probes via fiber optic cables. The sensor probes are placed directly in the tank or pipe – exactly where the water should be measured. Sensor probes are being developed for a wide range of organic chemicals including alcohols, sugars, hydrocarbons, and solvents.

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OptiEnz Sensing System

OptiEnz Sensing System v3The OptiEnz sensing system consists of a optical transceiver connected to a sensor probe via a fiber optic cable. The sensor probe contains the sensor tip that makes the continuous measurements of the specific organic chemical in the water or aqueous solution. The optical transceiver receives information from the sensor probe that it converts to continuous concentration measurement data. That data is transmitted to the OptiEnz Viewer via USB for analysis, to a SCADA system via a 0-5V or 4-20mA interface for process automation, or via a wireless interface to provide alert level information.

OptiEnz Viewer

screenshotThe OptiEnz Viewer provides a Windows PC-based graphical user interface that can be customized to display concentration measurements from up to six sensors probes. The PC connects to the optical transceiver via a USB port. The OptiEnz Viewer provides for configuration of the optical transceiver and calibration of the sensor probe. Measurement concentration data is displayed in a numerical readout format with “red yellow green” level alerts providing notification of thresholds being exceeded. The OptiEnz Viewer also provides graphs for more detailed analysis.

Optical Transceiver

01_01The optical transceiver is a transmitter and receiver instrument that measures the output of the sensor probe and provides concentration data via a USB, 0-5V, or 4-20mA interface. The USB interface is intended for use with the OptiEnz Viewer application on a Windows PC. The 0-5V and 4-20mA interfaces are used to interface with a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for control of production equipment in operating environments. The optical transceiver is software configurable, using the OptiEnz Viewer, enabling customization for the specific organic compound to be measured.

Sensor Probe

02The sensor probe provides the mechanical housing necessary to access a pipe, vessel, or reactor for various industry applications. The probe contains enzymatic sensor tips (one per organic chemical to be measured), a reference sensor for measuring background oxygen, and a temperature sensor. The sensor probes do not need to be replaced however the enzymatic sensor tips on the probes have a one-month lifetime and then require replacement via a quick connect attachment.

In-line Monitoring

Sensor-in-a-Vessel-minThe sensor probe is mounted directly in a pipe, vessel, or reactor in order to monitor concentration data directly at the source of the water or aqueous solution. Direct in-line continuous monitoring provides immediate results and enables real-time decisions for process control.

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