Our Mission

OptiEnz Sensors is committed to developing innovative sensor technology to provide continuous monitoring of chemicals in water and aqueous solutions. Building on the breakthrough technology that led to the success of the first generation of biosensors, OptiEnz Sensors continues to focus on the development and commercialization of sensor systems for a wide range of chemicals. The sensor systems are a platform technology that can be applied to a broad spectrum of chemicals within a wide range of applications including the biotechnology, environmental, and manufacturing industries.

Our Vision

OptiEnz Sensors will revolutionize the methods used for acquiring critical measurement data necessary to control water based processes.

Our Core Values

Our business model is based on a set of core values that guide all aspects of our operations, including research, product development, marketing, manufacturing, sales and team selection.

Customer Focus

Our primary responsibility is to our customers. We know the right questions to help decide on solutions to specific needs. We respond promptly to inquiries and concerns, and we actively solicit feedback, comments, and suggestions to help us continually improve our products and service.

Market Leadership

We will be the industry leader in delivering innovative sensor systems that transform the process of measuring chemicals in water and aqueous solutions.


We value and acknowledge the contributions of individual team members and strive to accomplish our goals by working as a unified team—encouraging performance and accomplishments through mutual support. Our team members work collaboratively across different disciplines and departments within the company.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

OptiEnz takes social and environmental responsibility seriously. We fulfill that responsibility by participating in local environmental efforts and giving back to the communities in which we do business. We strive to create employment opportunities within our local community.


We generate sufficient profit to meet our customers’ needs, create value for our shareholders, compensate our team members by recognizing their contributions, and finance our future growth.


We are uncompromising when it comes to integrity. We are open, honest and direct in all of our dealings.

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